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Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Ever asked yourself what testing and quality assurance outsourcing means in terms of risks and investments?

QA and Testing

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You might have already thaught of QA Outsourcing, but were not confident if this would fit your company.

However, as soon as you grasp the process, you will consent that that outsourced testing is the most reliable and cost-effective solution for many cases, particularly now when project budgets are indeed strict.

And here are the reasons why. Testing is a valid science and requires a lot of proprietory expertise. Testing is not just pressing buttons on the keyboard – it is something more. Utilization of modern techniques such as test process automation and coverage analysis do much to make the key code robust. Your unique testing needs will be met by combining the right methods, expertise, and facilities to seat within your budget.

QA and testing outsourcing can provide you with fair, reliable, timely results without having to pay cosmic salaries, employees benefits and maintain expensive test facilities.

Surprising facts about QA outsourcing

Outsourcing your QA is more cost-efficient than hiring contractors

There exist direct expenses related to hiring contractors: find, interview, hiring and training processes. As soon as you hire them you become responsible for providing your test-engineers with testing tools, office premises and other material resources. But you can never guarantee the result but to wait and see how your new employees manage. If you are lucky enough to find and hire a great performer, how can you be sure that he would renew the contract with you?

On the contrary, if you decide to opt for QA outsourcing you will get the whole package – experts who earn their daily bread with testing, valuable test facilities and tools ready to engage at a wave of your hand.

Most companies who outsource QA already have an in-house testing organization

QA outsourcing can’t completely replace in-house testing. It only adds up your own software development and testing processes, seamlessly fills any gaps in your testing schedules and undertakes treadmill tasks. If you have no your own QA department, your testing needs can be outsourced completely, however, at that directly integrated with your development team.

Custom testing doesn’t mean doing it yourself

It’s a common true that one size can’t fit everyone. Your product requires a unique custom approach to attain top-notch quality. Seasoned QA engineers will easily grasp all your needs and requirements, working with your development and testing teams to fit your schedule and budget.